State Zero for the Ukrainian people.

On 24/02/2022, Russia innitiated an unfounded and horrific offensive on Ukraine. Despite negociations, Ukraine is not a part of Nato and is having to defend against Russia alone. Both Ukrainian military and citizens have been fighting tirelessly to defend their home. This violence has displaced over 1,000,000 people within since the start of this conflict, many needing food, shelter and aid. Due to indescriminent bombardment by the Russian Forces, there are civilian casaulties, the number of which is ever increasing.

We have created a simple product on our store here from which all money will be donated to the Disasters Emergency Committee. This organision brings together 15 UK charities all working to aid the Ukrainian crisis. The UK Government is matching any and all donations pound for pound up to £20 Million. Any tips from this item will be given to the DEC as additional donations. Donations to the DEC, either directly or through State Zero, will be funding:

  • - food
  • - water
  • - first aid
  • - medicines
  • - warm clothes
  • - shelter

The current amount donated through State Zero is:


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